In 1973, The City of Orange was looking for ideas to celebrate its one hundredth year. Inspired by the Orange Street Fair of 1910 it was decided that for their centennial celebration, Orange would have the Orange International Street Fair (OISF). The Fair was so successful that it has become an annual tradition during Labor Day weekend. The Fair is located near Plaza Park in the historic downtown district.

OISF, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) certified non-profit and is comprised solely of non-paid board and committee members. Though OISF, Inc. continues to partner with the City of Orange for support services, OISF, Inc. is solely responsible for the management and financial aspects of the event.

History Timeline

  • 1973-  First Orange International Street Fair authorized by Mayor Jess Perez. President Dick Weatherington
  • 1974- President Joe Woods
  • 1975- President John Landers
  • 1976- President John Cuervo.
    Theme: Bicentennial.
    OISF experiences Rain and thunder on Sunday afternoon.
  • 1977- President George Simpson.
    Theme: Space.
    Character from “Planet of the Apes” appeared on main stage, Smokey Bear was spotted at event.
  • 1978- President Richard Zimmerman.
  • 1979- President Erik Meyer.
  • 1980- President Joe Taylor.
    Bubble gum blowing contest held.
  • 1981- President Dorthy Dreger
  • 1982- President Richard Zimmerman.
    Children paraded down streets in costume.
  • 1983- President Bob Paul.
  • 1984- President Bob Paul.
  • 1985- President Bob Paul.
    OISF becomes Incorporated and forms Orange International Street Fair, Inc. an  event production company separate from the City of Orange. Post Office of Orange created cancellation stamp for the event.
  • 1986- President Bob Paul.
    First year of Childrens Village (street) and Los Angles Mayor Tom Bradly and Attorney General Leo McCarthy Visit the event.
  • 1987- President Gail Hewitt
  • 1988- President Gail Hewitt
  • 1989- President Adele Graves.
    Theme: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
  • 1990- President Al Ricci.
    Theme: Orange- Where the World Meets.
    Fun fact: Ronald McDonald spotted at event.
  • 1991- President Russ Barrios.
    Theme: A Peace of Orange.
  • 1992- President Al Ricci.
    Theme: Orange- A Small World
  • 1993- President Judy Solle.
    Theme: Orange has Appeal
  • 1994- President Judy Solle.
    Theme: A Family Affair.
    Police estimate crowd to be about 500,000.
  • 1995- President Judy Solle.
    Theme: The Plaza Sweet.
  • 1996- President Judy Solle.
    Theme: People Smile in the Same Language.
  • 1997- President Chuck See Sr.
    Theme: A Fair to Remember.
  • 1998- President
  • 1999- President Judy Solle.
    Theme:Orange Blossoming into the Millennium.
  • 2000- President: Michael Damon.
    Theme: Unity the Key to the 21st Century.
  • 2001- President  Marsha Zembower.
    Theme: An Orange Odyssey.
  • 2002- President  Marsha Zembower.
    Theme:Freedom, Food and Fun.
  • 2003- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Orange you Glad you’re Here?
  • 2004-President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Crossroads to the World.
  • 2005- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Around the World, Around the Plaza.
  • 2006- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Passport to the World.
  • 2007- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: 35 Years of International Flavor.
  • 2008- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Around the World in Three Days.
  • 2009- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Music Makes the World go Round.
  • 2010- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: 100 Years of Celebration 38 years of Tradition.
  • 2011- President Mike Winger.
    Theme: A World of Flavor at Your Finger Tips.
  • 2012-President Mike Winger.
    Theme: Home Grown, Internationally Known.
    OISF celebrates 40th event and 10 years of success under President Mike Winger’s direction.
  • 2013-President Mike Winger
    Theme: Sweet on Summer at the Plaza.
  • 2014- President Mike Winger
    Theme: Destination Orange
    OISF begins development of proprietary Event Management Software.
    OISF partners with Chapman University for graphic and brand design. Chapman graphic students compete to provide yearly theme for OISF.
    OISF redesigns event and expands down S. Olive street.
    OISF receives Commitment to Impaired Driving Prevention award from Community Service Programs.
  • 2015 President Mike Winger
    Theme: Local Cravings Local Eats
  • 2016 President Mike Winger
    Theme: Travel with your Taste Buds
  • 2017 President Mike Winger
    Theme: A Taste of Tradition.
  • 2018 President Jody Winger
    Theme: Globally Good
  • 2019 President Adam Feliz
    Theme: Circle the World
  • 2020 President Adam Feliz
    Theme: Orange United
    Physical Event canceled due to Covid 19 Pandemic, OISF holds Virtual fair showcasing Non-Profits
  • 2021 President Adam Feliz
    Theme Orange You Glad We’re Back!
    OISF Returns to physical event with back to back 95 degree weather on Saturday and Sunday
  • 2022 President Adam Feliz
    Theme: The Golden Orange
    OISF Celebrates 50 years of Tradition
  • 2023 President Adam Feliz
    OISF has mild weather for all 3days. Minutes before opening ceremonies a brief rain shower appears!