Stay Safe at the 2024 Orange International Street Fair 

Your safety is paramount for the Orange International Street Fair (OISF) Board and volunteers. Which is why this year the OISF is partnering with Safe OC to reaffirm our organization’s commitment to public safety. 

Stay aware of your surroundings. Always know how you want to exit quickly if there is an emergency and don’t be shy about approaching a Street Fair volunteer or a police officer if you see something suspicious. Below are some public safety threats that can occur at large community events like the Street Fair. Stay vigilant! 

                           Unattended Bags or Backpacks 

If you see any bags or backpacks that appear to be abandoned, please contact a police officer or Street Fair volunteer and notify them of the situation. Unattended bags or backpacks may contain dangerous material and should be reported immediately. 

Pickpockets / Theft 

Pickpockets thrive in large crowds, and the Street Fair – especially at night – is bustling. Keep purses secured in front of you with a strap over the shoulder. Use your front pockets instead of back pockets for your phone, money and other valuables. If you witness a theft, take in as much detail about the perpetrator as possible and immediately notify a street fair volunteer or police officer. 


Many thieves have moved from the streets to the screens. Cyberterrorism is one of the fastest growing threat to                    our financial safety. When withdrawing money from the ATM, go with a friend or family member who can stand behind you to keep others from seeing you punch in your PIN. Make sure to take your card and receipt with you. 

Active Shooter 

If you see or hear an active shooter on site, run away from the threat. Leave your belongings behind. Keep your hands visible. Don’t try to move anyone who might be wounded. Police will be on the scene immediately. Remain calm and follow instructions. Avoid quick movements toward officers and avoid pointing, screaming or yelling. Don’t ask questions, just evacuate the area. 


Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping Orange County safe and protecting your daily life. Please visit to get more safety tips to protect you and your loved ones.