Q: Why is only Budweiser and Bud Light sold at the event?
A: Budweiser and Bud Light Sponsor our event. Our agreement with them states all logos for other brands must be covered. Several of the non-profits sell beers from Harbor Distributing, Haralambos Beverage Company and Bayhawk Ales. Menu boards at each booth indicate what they sell.

Q: Why do I have to show an valid I.D to purchase a wristband?
A: This is a requirement from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department (ABC).   The ABC requires all OISF patrons purchasing or consuming alcohol at our event must have the daily approved OISF wristband worn at all times.

Q.Why we charge $4.00 for a wristband?
A: The $4.00 fee helps off set fees required for non-profits to participate in the fair. Additionally it serves a a fundraising activity for the non-profit groups who sell the wristbands for us.

Q.Are animals allowed?
A: We only allow service animals into the event.  Please be sure and bring the proper paper work or identification for the animal.

Q.Who is responsible for The Orange International Street Fair?
A: Orange International Street Fair, Inc. is in charge of the fair. OISF, Inc is an event management company. We are complete separate from the City of Orange.

Q.Why does alcohol sales end at 9 pm but the event ends at 10 pm?
A: The ABC and The City of Orange set the time 9 pm in our contract and use permits. . We continue to stay open to maximize sales to food and merchandise booths until 10 pm.

Q.Why does OISF make business in the Plaza close for the weekend?
A: OISF doesn’t make any business close, in fact we encourage every business to be open. Most of the business that close utilize the weekend to make repairs to their business or go out of town for the  weekend.

Q.Where is a good spot to park?
A: Parking is limited to street parking and several small public parking lots. Please be prepared to walk a distance to get into the event.  If you are coming in from out of town, OCTA and Metrolink Station is located 2 blocks from our event.

Q.Why is their charge to park at public lots?
A: OISF has no say over these lots. The City of Orange allows non-profits to sell these lots as a fundraiser for the weekend. For more information contact the City of Orange.

Q.I lost something at the event, who do I call?
A:Call our office at 714.633.4816

Q.There is trash from the fair all over my property, what do I do?
A: Crews go out nightly to pick trash, if they missed some please contact our office at 714.633.4816.

Q.Can I pass out flyers, Business cards or coupons at the event?
A. No. We do not allow this type of activity at our event.

Q. Can I bring a lawn chair to the event?

A.  No we don’t allow lawn chairs.